Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Travel Guide to Quebec City

Quebec City is situated in the Quebec province of Canada. The capital city is declared as the world heritage center and it is the place with great architecture and monolithic buildings. High density of population resides in the city and large numbers of French descendants have considered French as the official language of the province. Quebec has deep impact in the economy of the country and natural deposits are found here in plethora. Area wise Quebec province is largest in Canada and many offices are situated within the province.

Following pointers describe about travel to the wonderful city:
  1. Quebec is the oldest city of the country and the great cultural heritage attracts large numbers of tourist from all over the world. There are many destination spots for tourists. You can plan the sightseeing with the help of travel agent and can even hire the taxi. You can choose bus facility provided by the tourism department. You can definitely visit the historical sites of the city.
  2. Concerts and festivals are organized from time to time and celebrities use to perform on the shows. If you are lucky enough then performance of the artists can be enjoyed in the festival season. Celebrities are invited for performing and people enjoy the concerts with quality food and drinks.
  3. Tourists use to visit Gibraltar of Americans and it is beautiful destination point. Battle Field Park is the center of tourist attraction and it pulls huge crowd. People with their family and children visit the place and spend lovely time in the park. Even romantic couples like to visit the park and enjoy the greenery.
  4. Several museums within the city have magnificent collection of antiques and master piece of art. You can find glimpses of old culture and tradition. Paintings and sculptures made by the great artists can be seen in the museum. People visit the museum with the family to teach children about the great culture prevailing in the olden days.
  5. You can find accommodation in the hotels and resorts built for the tourists. Depending on the budget hotel rooms can be booked in advance. If you prefer luxurious hotels then be ready to get the dent in wallet. Transportation facility is sound in the city and every place is well connected for the convenience of the tourists.
Never forget to book the flight tickets in advance and try to visit the city in off peak season to reduce the expenses.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Famous Alcatraz

The history of Alcatraz is quiet old. It takes us way back to 1774 when Spanish found this island in the San Francisco bay. Ayala as he was called named it as La isle de Los Alcatraces which meant island of pelicans. This was at first considered as a fort which was meant for protecting the San Francisco bay. However it ended in becoming a prison from where it was virtually impossible to escape.

This was given to the Julian Workman by the Mexican Governor in order to make a light house. But the light house was never built and this place turned out into prison. 
  1. Alcatraz is not far from San Francisco. It is few kilometers far from San Francisco in the San Francisco bay. You can even see the Alcatraz from the beaches of the San Francisco. Hundreds of years ago this place was made the prison and the prisoners who used to live here. At first the prisoners here used to have good life. They were free to move on the island for sometime during the day. However you should know that earlier when the prisoners used to live here were not so dangerous but the prisoners who came afterwards were quiet dangerous. 
  2. Actually there is a long story behind it. The government in early 20's and 30's saw the formation of various gangs. These gangs used to frustrate the common people and were always involved in destroying the peace of the country. Hence the government decided to remove such guys from the society a nothing was a better option than the Alcatraz. 
  3. The government decided that all such prisoners would be sent to Alcatraz away from the society. The jailor of the prison was very strict and even the government made some very strict laws for the prisoners. However there was one provision that if any prisoner would work properly for long then his sentence will be shortened. 
  4. Many prisoners tried to escape from the prison but found it virtually impossible. Those who tried to escape were either killed or returned back to the prison.
  5. You should know that this prison has also been the military prison for long time. In fact during the Spanish American war as well as the civil war, this prison was used as a military prison. However after wards it became the federal prison.
  6. In 1906 an earth quake struck the horizon of the San Francisco and most of the prisoners were sent to the Alcatraz in order to make sure that all the prisoners are moved to the safer place. Soon the prison was full to its capacity.
  7. Many have tried to escape this prison but no one escaped and now it has been abandoned and is just as good as a tourist place.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to Chicago

Chicago is one of the most developed cities of the world and it is the largest city of Illinois State in US. Chicago is quite popular among tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and wonderful architecture of edifices. You can easily plan the trip to Chicago by contacting travel agents. You have to list the number of attractions within the city. There are many destination spots for tourists to enjoy and spend thrilling vacations.

Following pointers describe about Chicago trip:
  1. You have to plan the trip according to the season prevailing in Chicago. You can definitely visit Chicago in favorable climatic conditions and avoid the peak season to reduce the expenses. Never try to plan the visit in winter season because chilly weather can hamper your tour.
  2. You must visit the museums in the city which are popular for great collection and providing valuable information about the culture and tradition of the city. You can see the exemplary art made by the great artists in the museum of Chicago. 
  3. Travelers from time to time enjoy the trip to Chicago because of the festival season. In festivals you can enjoy the great pomp and show of the city. Celebrities use to perform in the festivals and become the epicenter of fun and entertainment. 
  4. Parks of the city are full of greenery and many travelers like to visit for spending lovely time. Parks like Millennium Park and Oak Park are really center of attraction of tourists. 
  5. Extravagant people can spend their money in shopping and buying valuable items. Shopping malls and market of Chicago sell quality products. You can get discount by using the credit cards for purchasing goods.
  6. Long range of restaurants is available in the city and you can eat delicious food prepared by the chef if your budget allows. Expensive hotels and restaurants provide good food to the travelers. 
  7. Accommodation is not the problem in the city as there are cheap as well as exquisite hotels within the city. You can book the rooms through internet and advance is essential to make the trip hassle free. 
  8. Stunning nightlife is full of dance, music and drinks. You can visit the nightclubs, pubs and bars for spending lavish life. You can buy variety of drinks of good quality in the night clubs and pubs and can even fill your appetite with delicious food stuff. 
Skyscrapers like Sears tower provide the glimpse of glory of the city. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Most Dangerous European Roads

Europe is a beautiful continent comprising of many countries and islands. Diversity in flora and fauna can be experienced by traveling Europe. It is very difficult for the travelers to plan such a long journey but train transport has made traveling easy and quicker. Tourists prefer railways to travel across Europe because Europe is well connected with railways and there are many fast trains which help in reaching the destination quickly. Road travel is common among people in Europe and many tourists like to book the taxis for enjoy the sightseeing within the cities and also for traveling from one city to another. 

Following pointers describe about the most dangerous European roads:
  1. You can plan the trip in every season. European climate vary from one country to other and it gives you opportunity to plan the travel according to your choice and preference. You can plan to travel all popular cities of Europe road. London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Berlin, Zurich etc can be travelled by road journey. According to the census Britain drivers annoy the car owners and accidents are quite common.
  2. France also has many incidents of road rage. Many people die due to road accidents and all drivers do not follow the rules properly. In Italy many incidents occur in which car drivers get irritated by the motorcycle drivers which use mobile phones. Many accidents occur due to mobile phones. Road accidents have increased a lot due to the surge in the population and vehicles of countries in Europe.
  3. Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and other traveling destination of the continent are prone to road accidents when people travel to the destination spots. There are many rules made for the motorcyclists and car drivers but there is need to follow the rules for the safety of the people. 
  4. Traffic rules are not followed by some people and this leads to many accidents. Upper limit has been set by the government in different countries of the world but drivers use to cross the minimum limit and also drive by drinking alcohol. Alcohol cases have ruined the condition of roads due to increase number of accidents. There is need to put the check for reducing the number of road accidents. 
Following the traffic rules can definitely reduce the number of road accidents and it is important for the tourists to stay safe and hire the efficient driver. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel to Camberley

Camberley is situated in England and it is near to the great city of London. Camberley is not a very big city and but it is quite beautiful for traveling. There are many shopping malls for the natives as well as travelers. People like to buy items from the market and different types of items are easily available in the markets of Camberley. Tourists like to visit the town although area under the town is not very large. People follow the modern culture and city is developed with all sorts of basic amenities. 

Following pointers describe about Travel to Camberley:
  1. You can visit the beautiful museum within the town providing information about the culture of the city and tradition followed since olden times. Great collections in the museums provide good account of art and culture. You can also admire the master piece of architecture within the town.
  2. Large numbers of shopping malls are visited by tourists for buying the items. Shops and market sell variety of items and also you can rely on the quality. Market has goods of different rates and quality also varies from one item to another. 
  3. Magnificent hotels and restaurants can be visited for accommodation and food. Range of hotels cannot be compared with the other developed cities of Europe but you can get the rooms on reasonable rates with all sorts of facilities necessary for the travelers. 
  4. Comedy shows are organized in the town from time to time and many events are held here for the entertainment of the people. Celebrities also use to visit for performing in the concerts and native people like to enjoy the shows. 
  5. You can contact the travel agents for planning the trip to different cities of Europe and you can even visit the town for enjoying and relaxing. It is important to take precautions and avoid the hassle free journey. Travel agents can easily help to reach the place and book your accommodation.
  6. You can book the flights online and can even get the rooms through internet. Collect valuable information from internet for planning the trip to Camberley. Check your budget and in my opinion visit to Camberley will not hit your pocket. Plan the trip in advance for hassle free journey.
There is no problem in transportation and you can enjoy the trip by choosing right means of transport for sightseeing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding the Right Sunglasses for Travel

Travel geeks like to buy the travel gear before embarking on the journey. Travelers all over the world plan for the holiday destination where all sorts of facilities are available and weather is beautiful. Sunglasses are one of the favorite accessories for the travelers going for the long trip. Sunglasses are quite helpful in spending long vacations especially on the places where sun shines brightly. There are many advantages of sunglasses and it is important to buy the right pair of sunglasses for traveling. There is need to find the tips for selecting the right sun glasses.

 Following pointers throw light on right kind of sunglasses for travel:
  1. There are many reasons for buying sunglasses. Some people find sun glasses to be one of the trendy accessories and like to wear expensive sun glasses. But buying sun glasses which look trendy is not enough but there is need to select the sun glasses which can protect the eyes perfectly. 
  2. You can search about the sun glasses and can collect information for buying sun glasses which look trendy and also protect eyes. There are many companies which are making excellent sun glasses and various ranges are available. 
  3. You can shop around in the market for getting the idea about the complete range of sun glasses and brands available in the market. You can buy the sun glasses which can prevent the exposure to UV rays. UV rays harm the eyes and if you are planning the visit to dazzling beaches then sun glasses are quite handy.
  4. Government agencies look after the production of sun glasses done by different companies and few rules have been made for meeting the norms so that sun glasses are of quality that does not harm the eyes of people. 
  5. There are different types of materials which are used for making sun glasses. Lens of the sun glass is the most important thing which is considered by the company. Lens can be made by plastic and special polymers. Weight of the lens is important and light sun glasses are preferable. 
  6. Some people prefer Polaroid glasses and few like to wear mirrored sun glasses. Photo chromic lenses are also popular among people. Frames of the sun glasses are also checked by people before buying because of variety of materials used for making frames. 
You can consult experts and doctors for getting the complete knowledge of sun glasses suitable for your eyes and style. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Visit MOMA in New York

New York is one of the most sensational cities of the world popular for skyscrapers and modern style of living. There are too many places to visit in New York and enjoy the wonderful trip of fascinating destination. New York is also the economic capital of US with high density of population. Moma in New York is the finest art galleries in US. Large number of museums and art galleries can be found in New York City but Moma has its own importance. Moma art gallery was opened in year 1929 and it was dedicated to modern art which was promoted by many renowned artists in 19th century.

Following are the notable pointers describing about Moma in New York:
  1. Moma provides insight over the art of US in the earlier centuries and the advancement in the field of art in contemporary society. Modern art has its own importance and it is liked by large numbers of people. People plan the trip to New York and like to see the modern art which is popular in US. 
  2. There have been so many years and Moma art gallery is still the craze in people. Many renowned artists have made the paintings and it is now kept in this art gallery. Great American artist's work can be found in this art gallery. You can even find the work of international artists. Photography work done by many famous photographers like Cindy Sherman can also be found in this art gallery.
  3. Art collection consisting of wonderful statues is famous among people. Magnificent statues make the art gallery one of the best art galleries of New York. Art gallery was shifted many times from place to place and even it was closed many times for renovations. Ultimately renowned Japanese architect took the responsibility for designing the Moma art gallery. 
  4. In the year 2004 reopening ceremony was held and Japanese architecture done the beautiful work of renovating the art gallery. There was controversy over the designing of the art gallery but later as appreciated. You can stay in the hotels constructed near the art gallery. 
Plan the trip to New York and make sure to visit the incredible Moma art gallery.